Scent Marketing

An invitation to travel

Scent Marketing (or Home Fragrance) does not limit to the diffusion of nice fragrances.

Scent Marketing is an invitation to travel, it appeals to your most subtil sense, smell, to remind you of a memory and to develop your imagination through a fragrance, which makes the moment even more unique.

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Our fragrances

Made in Grasse

SMW offers you a multitude of fragrances to match your identity in order to enrich your DNA with an olfactory signature that reflects you.

Our Perfume Diffusers

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Emotion, Marketing, Olfaction, Identity

Our Scent Marketing agency EMOI, accompanies you in all your scented projects, thanks to a tailor-made olfactory program.

A personalized study of your brand, your clientele and your environment will allow our agency to create your olfactory identity.

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