Our Scented Products


Our Unique Objects

Reach your customers in a unique way by offering them personalized objects with your Logolf (olfactory logo) so that they can appropriate your image and extend the unique experience beyond your doors.

Thanks to our range of scented products, we compose and realize for you a complete and personalized offer.

Personalize your candles, room sprays or capillas with your image. Enhance your establishment with unique scented objects that resemble you and complete the DNA of your brand.

Find also our 100% customizable scented cards to carry your olfactory logo anywhere, to offer to your customers or for any other application. A personalized card with your image, the shape and color you want, and of course with your unique fragrance.

Our Hygiene Solutions

Enhance your establishment with our range designed to meet your needs in terms of odor neutralization, disinfection (floors, bedding, hands …) & purification.

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