Our Fragrances

Our Fragrances

SMW rewrites your stories and memories using unique fragrances, to make every moment unique and unforgettable.

All of our creations are made by Master Perfumers in Grasse, World Capital of Perfume, to offer you fragrances of quality.

A theme
A unique sensorial experience

The result of our collaboration with Master Perfumers led us to build 4 scented universes, to help us create diverse environments matching your story, your identity or your wishes.

“Balade”: A tour in the universe and its tresors

Some of the fragrances

Relaxation – Exotism – Floral

Freshness – Aromatic – Minty

Powder – Idyllic – Soft

Oriental – Relaxing – Woody

Black Pearl
Marine – Freshness – Nature

Oud Amber
Comforting – Soothing – Intense

“Eden”: Garden of delights

Some of the fragrances

Mango Délice (Mango Delight)
Fruity – Smooth – Pleasant

Pamplemousse (Grapefruit Citrus)
Vitaminized – Energizing – Citrus

Fruits Rouges (Red Fruits)
Refreshing – Sweet – Powder

Pep’s – Young – Gourmet

Gourmet – Addictive – Coffee beans

Musky – Gourmet – Green

“Serenity”: A moment in time

Some of the fragrances

Bel Air
Wellness – Freshness – Elegance

Bamboo zen
Nature – Fullness– Exotism

Blanc Comme Neige (White As Snow)
Finesse – Freshness – Purity

Thé Vert (Green Tea)
Fresh – Floral – Vitalizing

Appeasing – Delicate – Floral

“Temper”: Finesse, power & balance

Some of the fragrances

Elegance – Enchanting – Chic

Manly – Look – Powerful

Refined – Finesse – Spicy

Bois bleu
Sophisticated – Woody – Intense

Our Diffusers

SMW created a large range of scent diffusers adapted to each environment whatever its volume.

Each diffuser is equiped with the most efficient dry steam technology until now: micro- nebulisation.

The assets of micro-nebulisation

The liquid perfume is converted by the diffusion head into an invisible fragrance like that of a flower.

The micro-nebulisation process also allows for a dry effect with no liquid deposits around the diffuser. Thanks to its cold process, the properties of the perfume are not altered.

Let our fragrance collections seduce you

Balade Eden Serenity Temper


Our range of fragrance diffusers allows us to meet your expectations in terms of design, surface to cover (up to 12,000m³), diffusion performance and technology.

Our professional fragrance diffusers have a smartphone application to manage the intensity of diffusion and the hours of operation for a simplified management.

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