A  journey with many benefits


What is micro-nebulization? It is the most efficient technology in fragrance diffusion, also called dry steam technology, which allow to preserve 100 % of the olfactive benefits of our fragrances. This technology turns liquid fragrance into a dry fragrance steam, composed of micro-particles in suspension. Thanks to its dry effect, there is therefore no oil or fragrance deposit around the diffuser. Micro-nebulization also creates homogenous atmosphere, as the particles are well dispersed during the projection. This high quality diffusion has an excellent longevity and reproduces perfectly all the notes of the fragrance. There is 3 types of notes:

  • Top notes: Very volatile notes, detected from the first instants of diffusion
  • Heart notes: Notes acting on the emotional sphere, this is the personality of the fragrance
  • Base notes: They fix the fragrance to make it last in time

Micro-nebulization also has disinfectant properties, acting as a sanitizer to purify the ambient atmosphere. All of our diffusers are equipped with this technology, making them more efficient, adding to that a really low noise level. We offer a large range of diffusers, that can cover both small and large spaces, diffusing through a ventilation system if necessary. Some diffusers have a Bluetooth connexion, which allow you to control the intensity and the working periods with your cellphone via a mobile App. Our products will help you connect with your clients or employees, and reinforce your brand identity. This is definitely an asset for your relationship with your employees.

Thanks to our range of diffusers and the micro-nebulization technology, we can answer to your demands!

Contact us to start your olfactive project together at administration@smw-france.com.

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