The bigaradier tree, an orange tree like no other

Essential raw materials for perfumery


The bigaradier is a tree of the Rutaceae family, producing citrus fruits and coming from the Himalayas in India. It has been cultivated in Europe since the 10th century, especially in Sicily and Andalusia.

Mesuring between 5 and 10 meters, the bigaradier has several applications, particularly in the pharmaceutical, alimentation and perfumery industries of course.


In perfumery, we pick up the fruits, flowers, branches and leaves of the tree, to extract essential oils such as:

  • Neroli, by distillation of the fresh flowers
  • Orange blossom absolute, also by distillation of the flowers
  • Petitgrain, by distillation of the branches and leaves.

The bigaradier is a tree very appreciated by perfumers, for its versatility and its olfatory richness. Neroli oil is part of the ingredients for the production of famous perfumes and colognes. Its essential oil has antidepressant, bactericidal, regenerating and appeasing properties.

Orange blossom absolute is more intense, and acts as a heart notes with a slightly honeyed sensual side. Ideal for accentuating the floral side of a composition. Petitgrain essence is an ally of colognes, fresh waters and mixte and masculine perfumes. Thus, all these oils offer both woody and citrusy fragrances, leaving a floral note to emerge.

Flower, leaf, branch and fruit, each of them provides many scents and nuances.