Our Caracas fragrance

A stimulating scent to face the winter!


Caracas is a citrusy, sunny and energising fragrance! The citrus start brightens the fragrance and fuses with cardamom for an energising effect. Between power and delicacy, the cardamom (ginger’s relative) exhales its refined and direct notes.

Among citrus fruits, we find in the top notes: bergamot and lemon for the energy and freshness, followed by floral heart notes. A luminous fragrance with notes of jasmine modernised by a touch of orange blossom, the perfect balance!

In the background, we find notes of character which bring roundness, without denaturing the fragrance. To do so, we chose the guaiac wood annd musk. Guaiac wood is one of the most used raw materials in perfumery for its refinement and the way it enhances the scents that accompany it.

Musk brings power and hold to the perfume, which is why it is often used in the base notes. Our Caracas fragrance will suits your home with elegance and authenticity.

But do you know the origin of musk?

Musk is an animal raw material, one of the first with grey amber in perfumery. The animal in question is the chevrotin, the musk is only extracted from male deer during the rutting period. During this period of reproduction, the abdominal glands of the chevrotin secrete a substance with a very strong smell: musk! A scent that, when processed, is irresistible, bewitching and sensual.

To protect the species, musk extraction was banned in 1979. Thanks to the innovation in perfumery, white musk, a synthetic material, was created. Indeed, the notes can be coppery, sensual, floral or even cottony. Beyond all these scents, synthetic musk has the ability to be an excellent fixative.

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