Improve the customers experience in your gyms

Stop bad smells


Even if natural, body odour can sometimes be embarrassing and unpleasant, so our diffusers are the ideal solution to it.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not sweat that is not responsible for bad odours but the presence of bacterias on the surface of the skin. The idea is not to cover bad odours with fragrance but rather to neutralize them completely, leaving a nice smell in your gym.

Thanks to our technology and expertise, we can solve your hygiene and cleanliness problems with micro-nebulization: this technique of diffusion is the most efficient today. Our diffusers spread your fragrance in a dry steam that will disinfect the gym by destroying all micro-organisms and bacterias.

The performance and power of our diffusers will allow you to perfume your different gyms, in a discrete and silent way, keeping it from being heady: the perfect balance between odour treatment and unique fragrances. For your olfactory signature, citrus fragrances with fresh and acidulous notes would be ideal to make the atmosphere tonic and vivifying! Raw aromatic such as grapefruit, bergamot or lemon would be perfectly suited for your gym.


The power of olfaction…

Did you know? Smell if the most powerful sensorial indicator, and 75% of our emotions are directly influenced by our sense of smell. It is then obvious that a nice smell will encourage your customers to stay longer in your gym.

Our goal: we help you to improve the olfactory aspect of your gyms and to improve your brand image and reputation. In order to create this king of warm and stimulating atmopshere, contact us by email at