SMW x Plasturgie

Support for all your projects

Our company is able to carry out an entire plastics project, from the design stage to the manufacture, while staying focused on objectives such as optimising costs, industrialisation, ergonomics and performance.

We are specialised in small and medium-sized series. We have a designer for your moulds for 100% customisation to meet all your needs.

Our plastics department factory allows us to manufacture low cost moulds on demand but also one shot moulds for all your projects.

We have been using polyurethane for years, an elastomer material that is ideal for transport. In order to respect the environment, we also use biosourced plastic. A material made from oyster shells. For example, we are able to offer you biosourced scented business cards that are therefore environmentally friendly.

For all your small and medium-sized plastic production runs, SMW can help you!