Scent Marketing

Smell, our most subtle sense

Scent Marketing is a variation of Sensory Marketing. It consists in the use of strategically chosen fragrances to create a strong emotional bond with your customers, a feeling of trust in line with the identity being communicated.

Scent Marketing calls upon the sense of smell to provide a real customer experience and to affirm your brand identity through unique fragrances.

Of the 5 senses, smell is the most powerful sensory cue & the most emotional. Olfaction is under-exploited, in fact, 83% of commercial advertisements use only sight, whereas 75% of our daily emotions are influenced by our sense of smell!

A good way to boost your sales thanks to sensory marketing! The creation of a scented atmosphere can influence your customers to stay longer in your establishment. Create a unique link, reassure your customers with an olfactory signature that tells your story.

In short, Scent Marketing is :

– 82% of consumers would stay longer in a scented shop

– 59% of consumers would spend more money when the establishment has a pleasant smell

– 40% of customers say that their mood and well-being are increased when exposed to a pleasant scent

Trust SMW to increase your sales, strengthen customer loyalty and affirm your brand image through Scent Marketing!

SMW - Spécialiste du Marketing Olfactif

Source : Walnut Unlimited