Discover SENSORA: The Connected Fragrance Diffuser That Reinvents Your Space

Control the atmosphere of your interior with elegance and simplicity


We are thrilled to introduce our latest masterpiece in fragrance diffusion: SENSORA. This connected fragrance diffuser combines advanced technology and elegant design to transform your space into an olfactory haven.

Cutting-Edge Technology at Your Fingertips

SENSORA stands out with its smart connectivity. Through a user-friendly app, you can control every aspect of fragrance diffusion from your smartphone. Easily manage operating schedules, select diffusion days, and adjust intensity according to your preferences. The app is designed to be intuitive, allowing all users, even those less tech-savvy, to set up their diffuser in no time.

Unmatched Ease of Use

Once the settings are configured via the app, SENSORA takes care of the rest. It automatically diffuses the fragrance without requiring manual intervention. The only thing you need to worry about is changing the refill when it is depleted. This automatic management system guarantees a constant and pleasant scented ambiance effortlessly.

Impressive Diffusion Capacity

SENSORA can fragrance large spaces up to 7500m³, making it the ideal choice for reception lobbies, open spaces, and other areas requiring extensive olfactory coverage. Its exceptional performance ensures uniform and effective diffusion, creating a welcoming and refined atmosphere.

Elegant and Sophisticated Design

Beyond its advanced technology, SENSORA impresses with its refined aesthetics. With its chic black color and gold finishes, it adds a touch of luxury to any decor. Whether you choose to mount it on the wall with its integrated support or place it directly on the floor with its stable stand, SENSORA harmoniously integrates into your interior.

SENSORA is not just a simple fragrance diffuser; it is a true technological innovation and a refined decorative object. With its smart connectivity, ease of use, exceptional diffusion capacity, and elegant design, it redefines the fragrance diffusion experience. Transform your space with SENSORA and discover a new dimension of olfactory well-being.