The IFRA Code of Practice

Beautiful and safe fragrances for you

All our fragrances are governed by the rules of IFRA. IFRA is an acronym for the International Fragrance Association, founded in Geneva. This organisation represents the fragrance industry worldwide. The aim is to develop and instil good practice in the fragrance industry, so that fragrances are safe for you to use!

IFRA’s main missions are :

– To establish and maintain a coherent system of standards for the safe use of fragrances, based on recognised scientific principles, with the ultimate goal of protecting the consumer and the environment

– Maintenance of high standards to protect and enhance the credibility of the industry through self-monitoring

– Development and maintenance of transparent communication and cooperation with nationally and internationally, relevant entities of the scientific and medical communities and other responsible parties

– Assistance in the safety assessment of each ingredient used by the industry

– Provision of comprehensive information to members on industry-specific topics, in line with IFRA’s core mission

– Communication on the merits of fragrance products and their benefits in everyday life

– Promoting regulatory principles that protect the intellectual property of its members.

The IFRA certificate therefore certifies that our fragrances comply with perfume industry standards and are therefore safe for users.

Source: ecomundo

SMW - Spécialiste du Marketing Olfactif - Certifications IFRA
SMW - Spécialiste du Marketing Olfactif - IFRA