The impact of odors on our performance at work
The search for well-being


Diffusing fragrance in hotels, shops or spas creates a pleasant atmosphere for customers, but it is becoming increasingly common for companies to (also) perfume the offices of their employees so that they feel good in their workspace.

Smells can be used for a number of purposes: to attract customers with a gourmet scent, for example, or to reassure or convince a customer to buy a product… But what effect do smells have on employees when they are at work?

The sense of smell is the only sense directly linked to our brain, which links odours, emotions and memories. The sense of smell is therefore much more emotional than the others. This is why we associate a smell or a scent with a place or a memory: smells play an active role in the identity of a place.

Effects are different depending on the selected fragrance:

  • Rosemary has a positive effect on forward memory. No more forgetting appointments!
  • The smell of lemon improves concentration and a feeling of cleanliness
  • Lavender improves productivity after lunch break, where the pace is often difficult to maintain when we are digesting
  • Mint increases our attention due to its freshness and keeps us constantly alert
  • To energize yourself and be in a good mood we recommend cinnamon, it is your best ally in missions where you need to be focused

We presented you a few scents and their benefits, but be careful of the olfactory perception of your employees, who may be bothered by certain fragrances. Fragrances with fruity notes are generally suitable for most people. Citrus fruits are a good choice to stimulate your employees and create a pleasant and healthy olfactory atmosphere.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your scent project, we will advise you as best as possible to find the fragrance that will best suit your employees and your objective!

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SMW - Spécialiste du Marketing Olfactif - Bien-être au travail
SMW - Spécialiste du Marketing Olfactif - Bien-être au travail