The Nano Sprayer


Our WIND 2 disinfects all your surfaces in a few seconds. An innovative, compact, portable & lightweight device that makes it easy to disinfect your spaces for greater safety. Three spray levels to best adapt to the surfaces to be treated. Indeed, the design of the nano sprayer allows you to choose between a high pressure nano spray or a softer low pressure mist.


Easy to use, WIND 2 becomes the essential tool in high traffic environments such as restaurants, gyms, offices, vehicles, sanitary facilities, hotels, schools, your home…


The covid 19 pandemic requires us to maintain high security and prevention measures to limit the spread of viruses. WIND 2 gives you the possibility to disinfect your surfaces to guarantee the safety of all.


In short, WIND 2 allows a fine spray (maximum spray distance: 1.5m), fast and efficient, of disinfectant, anti-odour and anti-insect active ingredients, for the treatment of spaces and objects by nano atomisation.

SMW - Hygiène et Santé - Bien-être - Desinfection
SMW - Hygiène et Santé - Bien-être - Desinfection