Our standardised surgical masks

The covid 19 pandemic is far from an old history, unfortunately the virus is mutating and endangering our security. It is important to remain vigilant in order to protect your loved ones, your colleagues, and people in generale.

In times of epidemic, it is essential to protect yourself and the mask is a good way to do so. SMW accompanies you and offers you its standardised surgical masks.

WMask, our surgical mask is a disposable medical device and complies with the EN 14683: 2019 + AC/2019 standards & the European directive 93/42 EEC.

Type IIR, our mask is currently the most protective mask on the market in the disposable surgical mask category. Indeed, the type IIR has a bacterial filtration efficiency higher than 98%.

They are waterproof, protect against droplets, blood, and other airborne secretions; even dust is absorbed and stopped. This makes it the must-have accessory to limit cross-contamination in crowded places.

WMask is a light and soft mask that can be worn comfortably at all times. In addition, the masks are reinforced and flexible in the central area (nose) to ensure excellent breathability.

Protect yourself, protect your loved ones, protect others with WMask!

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SMW - Hygiène et Santé - Bien-être - Desinfection
SMW - Hygiène et Santé - Bien-être - Desinfection