Under-exposed olfactory families

What is your favuorite scent family?


Fragrances are usually described by notes. These scents can come from certain raw materials or combinations. Each of them has a smell, a personnality of its own. However, some fragrances are more similar than others. In order to better understand them, the different notes have been grouped in categories: olfactory families. We have already released an article mentionning the 7 most represented olfactory families: https://smw-france.com/actualite-7-familles-olfactives/

In this article we will talk about the less known olfactory families, in other words, those that are under-exposed!

Aromatic fragrances: As the name suggests, they are composed of ingredients such as sage, thyme, rosemary or lavender. It is a typical family of masculine fragrances.

Aldehydes fragrances: Aldehydes are synthetic molecules that exist naturally in zests. These lasts are reproduced in the lab et are present in different forms. We recognize them by their metallic, warm odour, more or less orange and soapy smell.

Amber fragrances: It rather concerns a combination of balsamic notes, that means warm but soft notes. An amber composition contains vanilla, benzoin, incense or amber. It is hightly sensual and addictive, and we find it in oriental fragrances.

Spicy fragrances: Spicy fragrances are also typical of oriental fragrances like amber. They give a warmer aspect to fragrances, and associate ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, pink berries or ginger.

Fruity fragrances: They are very much appreciated , especially by women. These notes bring originality and modernity.

Gourmet fragrances: These associate sweet, vanilla, praline, gustatory, notes. Fragrances we would almost like to eat, but fragrances to be smelled without moderation!

Marine fragrances: They leave an aquatic, fresh and vivifying scent. The marine side evokes open sea, iodine air and a desire for freedom.

Musky fragrances: Musk fragrances are without doubt the sweetest scents available. Musk is an originally animalic and sensual product. To learn more about the origin of musk, you can read our article: https://smw-france.com/actualite-parfum-caracas-et-musc/

Powdery fragrances: Powdery fragrances are characterised by violets and iris, which leave behind a soft, cottony sensation. Moreover, their cosmetic aspect is not without evoking the scent of rice powders from the past.

Green fragrances: These can be vegetable fragrances with a very natural scent or green fruits, not yet fully ripe and delivering a more acidic flavour. One of the emblematic ingredients of this facet is galbanum. It leaves behind a vegetal, earthy sensation.


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